Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Maitland’s Furniture & Homestore we take your privacy seriously. We only collect information about you to help us fulfil the best possible service or to contact you with information we feel will be beneficial for you. By ordering from us, filling details out on our website or passing us your details you consent and accept the terms of this policy. If you pass us friends or family members details (i.e. if you ask them to accept delivery on your behalf) then you need to make them aware how their information will be used and ensure you have their permission to pass their details onto us.
When you log onto our website we do not use cookies to collect information about selections you have made when browsing. However, if you request to join our mailing list we store your email address on a password protected secure server.

If you make a purchase from us we store your name and contact information on a database, which is on a computer or server which is password protected and can only be accessed by staff that need to access your information in order to service your needs. This information is vital to ensure we can provide the service needed to fulfil your order.

If you buy a product that is entitled to VAT exception, such as an electric rise & recline chair, and you meet the criteria for VAT exemption then we will need you to fill a form in with your details which we will then keep as proof and which may be produced to the relevant government official during a VAT inspection.

If you take advantage of our finance facilities then the finance company we use will save information required to maintain a finance facility for you.

If you want extra piece of mind and wish to take advantage of an extended warranty and accidental damage policy to cover your new purchase then the 3rd party company that Maitlands use to provide the cover will retain details on their database so that if and when you call they have information about you that will help them proceed with after sale services.

If you have a service related issue following delivery of your goods Maitlands will first of all contact the supplier of the goods and may need to pass you name and contact details onto the supplier in order to resolve the issue you have. They in turn may need to pass you details onto a national service company in order to rectify or inspect your goods. Alternatively Maitlands may go direct to a 3rd party specialist and pass on your details so they can contact you and arrange a visit.

From time to time we contact customers and ask if we can use their name and/or image in our advertising, maybe on our customer feedback pages. We will clearly make sure we have your consent if we are going to use your details in this way and make it very clear exactly where your details will appear.

Please don’t forget that by interacting with our social media channels you are providing us information

If you submit information via a customer feedback form a copy is sent to our company by email, to Neil Barker (who builds the website) by email (who merely monitors the form data is coming through properly) and a copy is retained in a password encrypted database in case the email is accidentally deleted before action is taken on it. Periodically this backup is deleted from the database.
Maitland’s Furniture & Homestore collects your data where we feel a ‘Legitimate Interest’ is involved – but we do not sell or rent your data.
The majority of data we collect on customers is when they order from us and we ask for their name and contact details. We also collect your data when you specifically ask to receive emails from us, generally via our website.
The new GDPR (General Database Protection Regulation) comes into force on the 25th May 2018. Under this new law we must have a legal reason to collect and use your data. We believe that we have what is termed a ‘Legitimate Interest’ and that we will not in any way infringe your rights. We feel that any information we provide you with, whether care guides, marketing, copies of your paperwork or other information is in the interest of both parties (you our customer and Maitlands as a company). It is in both our interests to maintain the best possible service and therefore it is essential to have certain aspects of your data.

During the drafting of this ‘Privacy Policy’ we reviewed and considered any potential impact on you and your rights with regards to collection of your data. We will consider and balance your rights over time.
If you purchased from us before 25th May 2018 we will continue to send you emails & SMS marketing we feel would be in both our interests, unless you specifically opt out.

From the 25th May 2018 we will not send you emails or SMS marketing unless you have consented to receive this information.

We will never or rent-out your data on and your data is controlled with the utmost care. We use companies, such as AQL based in Leeds, to send SMS messages. Mail Chimp is the preferred bulk email company Maitland’s Furniture & Homestore use to send out email marketing. All external companies we use to send out email & SMS messages are very reliable and we trust them to handle your data. All data is stored on servers that are password protected.

The bulk of our direct mail activity is sending physical mail to you at your home.
We only save your data on select computers with access on a need to know basis and password protected secure savers. We will only keep your data as long as necessary to fulfill transactions, legal obligations and provide you with information that we believe will be of importance to you.
As said, we only share your data on a need to know basis. Occasionally, when absolutely necessary, we share your data with suppliers of our goods, again, when essential, we share your data with our service suppliers (such as, a furniture repair specialist). Also, we intermittently share your data with marketing companies (when we mail out to you with service we feel are of a legitimate interest).
We do not feel we contravene anyone’s rights with regards to data collection or the use of that data. We only aim to send you what we feel is strictly relevant to you and to be completely transparent with regards to our data policies. We pledge to handle your data fairly and legally.

We wish to respect your rights to privacy, so if you wish to contact us with regards to your data being collected and used please email or fill in the contact us form on the website. We would really like to hear from you if you do not want to receive our marketing emails, SMS marketing and/or marketing mail. Marketing to our customers is extremely important to our business and our customers gain clear benefits. We believe marketing to our existing customers is win, win for everybody.
- Ask what personal data we hold on you.

- The right to ask us to update any incorrect or old data at any time, free of charge.

- The right to opt-out.